February @outshine prose poems—inspiring

February 4:

Ecclesia is social, networked. Borderless, we’ve currency. Weaponless, we’ve teeth. Metanation creed: union in the interstices. All welcome.

[Bio] Eric Gregory’s stories have appeared in Black Static, LCRW, and Sybil’s Garage. He blogs on SF matters at http://is.gd/eMCg.

February 11:

Anxiety: heart pounding, I scream. Mommy comes and gives picopill. Now, NanoGargoyle guards dreams: no more nightmares. Sound sleep. Peace.

[Bio] MD, writer, co-editor in French SF mag GALAXIES. Spends too much time dreaming and her house is always a mess. http://is.gd/gdmv .

February 18:

She blew into the lab like the warm breath of an approaching storm, holding the secret of physical immortality in a simple glass test tube.

[Bio] Gareth Lyn Powell has appeared three times in Interzone and his first collection is available from Elastic Press. http://is.gd/fLAx.

February 25:

The sun went black about two years back and we all figured it was over. Then the babies started getting born with sunlight in their eyes.

[Bio] Filamena Young, writer, mother, not on fire. www.filamena.com.

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