March @outshine prose poems—inspiring

March 4:

Thoughts like gladiators

in the arena of time,

Fight to create the new paradigm

Thumbs down it will suck,

Thumbs up it will SHINE.

[Bio] Inspring author, aspiring Bohemian, babyboomer, rock chick raver, laughing babushka .

March 11:

She dissipated the past. Footsteps walking reclaimed beaches. Grinned as seagulls abandoned all worship of trash to instead hunt fish.

[Bio] Jason Sanford writes SF/F. His fiction and essays can be found at .

March 18:

Weapon factories filled with silence/withdrawal of desert violence/defense funds poured into education/brought a golden age to our nation.

[Bio] R. Schuyler Devin: a writer who prefers to walk halls of his own imagining rather than the dark alleys of his past. Join him @rsdevin .

March 25:

He opened his onyx eyes, and I knew I would fight every xenophobe on Earth for the joy of holding my hybrid alien son.

[Bio] Amanda Davis sings along with the radio even when she doesn’t know the words. She blogs at .

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