June @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

June 3:

Met bureau reports: blue skies are gonna cheer us

rain in catchment areas


they’re doing something about the weather.

[Bio] Amanda is a Melbourne-based writer and poet. She is a graduate/survivor of Clarion South 2009. Website http://amandale.net .

June 10:

Silent, drafted blind worms burrow

Decomposing, circles closing

Garbage eating, circles meeting

Biocrafted Ouroboros.

[Bio] Rajan Khanna writes about beer and wine in addition to fiction. You can follow him @rajanyk or http://www.rajankhanna.com .

June 17:

She spoke for the first time. Roses fell from her lips. Pearls. Her body turned into luminescence and butterflies. It surprised no one.

[Bio] Mercedes M. Yardley loves beautiful things: www.abrokenlaptop.wordpress.com .

June 24:

Footfalls, sunlight, waves, wind, and heat—we used it all. But it wasn’t until we used life itself that balance returned to the planet.

[Bio] Ben White doesn’t have enough hours in the day, not even close: http://www.benwhite.com/.

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