September @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

September 2:

She turns slowly
Eyes opening like spring iris.
He breathes her essence.
Like a breeze her fingertips on his.
They leave hand in hand.

[Bio] Kate ( works/plays in all areas of theatre, arts & healthcare, with horses and as a spiritual guide.

September 9:

Cries weak, yet eager with life.
First moments afloat, echoing the blue globe.
Voice rising in strength, he christens the vastness of space.

[Bio] Marie Croke’s brain resides in her little toe. As she walks it rattles around and around, occasionally spitting out something profound.

September 16:

black sea and sky.
ships: sailing white, leave the flood plain.
safest harbor: needing none.
clustering lights, another long dusk.

[Bio] Andy Kelly @a_m_kelly lives in a room full of books, mostly unread.

September 23:

They died, each species, one by one. Cats then owls; owls then ants. They died.
But now look.
They rise, each species, one by one. They rise.

[Bio] Penelope Friday — .

September 30:

No money, no problem. Without scarcity, need is a pipe dream; we work because we want to. My music, your novel—only fodder for dreams.

[Bio] Ben White — — is the editor of @nanoism and writer of @midnightstories. He needs a few more hours of moonlight.

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