December @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

December 2:

The jay didn’t smile as he stole the seed.
The woman didn’t perceive his grief until she had cast the stone.
Her regret would heal the rift.

[Bio] Jodi: I don’t know who she is except lost in her thoughts and found in her writing.

December 9:

He became an artist, sculpting electron shells into elements across the periodic table, converting concrete suburbs to jeweled dreamscapes.

[Bio] @MattAlbertson is a Seattle geek who enjoys splicing his fiction with cutting edge technology. .

December 16:

Over his brutish shoulder I got a glimpse of her tortured face as he hauled Liberty into the darkness. “I’ll be back,” she mouthed to me.

[Bio] Susan is a freelance writer and children’s playwright from upstate New York.

December 23:

quaking aspen:
myriad blinking eyes
witness the dawn

[Bio] When she’s not chasing her kids or writing about science, Julie Bloss Kelsey enjoys staring at trees. Visit her online @MamaJoules .

December 30:

Taking recycled cargo boxes through clouds
up the well-worn space elevator’s heights
foam swords, deodorant, and I grow warm.

[Bio] K.M. Praschak writes & sometimes looks up at .

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