January 2010 @outshine Prose Poems—Inspiring

January 6:

Powered by the sun, they built themselves from scattered trash. They traveled the world, sending pictures and love, cleaning as they went.

[Bio] @kaolinfire has more for you to read: http://erif.org/published/ and: http://gudmagazine.com/ .

January 13:

Frantic, Lea pushes the implant in her wrist, flushing her body with calm. Anxiety and anger melt away. Just another day in traffic.

[Bio] Lesley Conner is a stay-at-home mum and horror writer. Check out her short stories in Abaculus II and Abaculus III.

January 20:

“Nothing to lose, but so much to gain; she lifts her head proudly. With all her heart she can only hope to achieve.”

[Bio] Raisah Ali is a high school student who aspires to aim for the moon so in case she misses, she’ll still be among the stars.

January 27:

A Bowie-fan’s words
On disturbing the red dust
There’s life on Mars now.

[Bio] David Moore: 34, Australian émigré, editor, writer, geek. Married, lives in Reading, UK. You’re glad you met him.

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