DayBreak Magazine is the online fiction part of the Shine anthology. Starting Friday October 16, it will feature a story every second Friday until the print Shine anthology appears (and maybe a bit beyond).

The Shine anthology has been released in the USA on March 30, and is slated for an April 15 release in the UK.

Please note that that the stories featured in DayBreak Magazine are not appearing in the print anthology: these are different stories. They were also submitted to Shine, and while I couldn’t include them in the print anthology, I liked them so much that I’m featuring them here.

DayBreak Stories:


The Very Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inpsector Gurushankar Rajaram by Jeff Soesbe (version 2) (October 16);
horrorhouse by David D. Levine (version 2)(October 30);
The Gender Plague by KD Wentworth (v. 2)(November 13);
The Branding of Shu Mei Feng by Amanda Clark (v. 2)(November 27);
The Courage of the Lion Tamer by Anya Martin (v. 2)(December 11);
Fembot by Carlos Hernandez (version 2)(December 25);


She’s All Light by LaShawn M. Wanak (version 2)(January 8);
Dalí’s Clocks by Dave Hutchinson (version 2)(January 22);
Riding in Mexico by Brenda Cooper (version 2)(February 5);
A Thousand Trains Out of Here by Paul Evanby (version 2)(February 19);
The Notebook of my Favourite Skin-Trees by Alex Dally MacFarlane (version 2)(March 5);
The Rules of Utopia by James Bloomer (version 2)(March 19);
Barcode Babes by Martin McGrath (version 2)(April 2);
Arsonist by Jennifer Linneae (version 2)(April 16);

 For the map lovers among you: a map with locations of the published DayBreak stories (updated when a new story is published):


NOTE: correct links for the still-to-be-published stories will be added after they’ve actually been published.

The full version of Vincent Chong’s artwork for DayBreak Magazine:

UPDATE: I have added a new poll!

Excerpts from the Shine anthology:

January 1, 2010:

Also, check out Kate Baker‘s beautiful podcast of The Earth of Yunhe!

January 15, 2010:

January 29, 2010:

February 12, 2010:

February 26, 2010:

March 12, 2010:

March 26, 2010:

April 9, 2010:

For the map lovers among you: a map with locations of the published SHINE stories (updated when a new excerpt is published):


Here is the old poll regarding the preferred display versions:


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  1. Excellent! I was excited about Shine, and now I get to be excited about this, too.

    Thank you!

  2. Happy to be of service, and do spread the word!

  3. Pingback: SHINE excerpts in January: « Shineanthology’s Weblog

  4. Just below the “Daybreak Stories” heading, the first “2010” should be “2009”.

  5. Indeed: I corrected it.

    Thanks for pointing it out!

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