SHINE Reviews

Reviews of the Shine anthology (updated as more come in):

That’s why Shine is such a significant — dare I say, historic — anthology.

Explorations: the Barnes & Noble SciFi and Fantasy Blog;

Overall, Shine is utterly worth reading.

SciFi Wire;

It is to de Vries’ credit that all but the most hard-hearted of sci-fi readers should find their own brand of optimism represented somewhere among Shine’s array of bright futures.

New Scientist;

[…] Shine was a truly fascinating and enjoyable read. […] because this one has genuinely broken down some preconceived ideas I’ve had about the genre.

SF Revu;

For an anthology with a very tight remit — optimistic near-future science fiction — there is a huge variety in the stories themselves. It occurs to me that this book is the perfect introduction to SF for readers who wouldn’t normally venture into the genre.

Catherine Hughes;

The diversity of the stories and the consistently high quality of this collection is testament to his passion for this project. […] A shining example of what positive thinking can achieve.

Val’s Random Comments;

But if we are to have some some influence over how that change unfolds, isn’t it important that our stories, whether they be in the news, on television screens or in the pages of science fiction novels, fully explore the optimistic possibilities that technology represents?

The Guardian;

The question that I ask every anthology is whether it contains enough stories that stand out to warrant its purchase and Shine is one such book.

Charles A. Tan;

L’impressione è che, a tratti, positività faccia rima con ingenuità; ma in fondo occorre essere un po’ ingenui per immaginare un mondo migliore, partendo da quello attuale.

The impression is that, at times, positivity rhymes with naïveté; but basically it is necessary to be a little ingenuous in order to imagine a better world, leaving the current one behind.

Fantascienza (top one original Italian, bottom one a Babelfish translation that I interpreted and polished up: apologies if I got some nuances wrong);

This being said, Shine starts with a bang with six stories that I enjoyed a lot and could not stop reading, but after that it became very hit and miss for me though several stories from the second part are quite touching but without the sf-nal intensity of the first ones.

Fantasy Book Critic;

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