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February @outshine prose poems—humourous

February 7:

The singularity is here!/ Birth and death, both at a tangent and an asymptote/ An emotional curve with insane geometry/ What’s next?!

[Bio] Colin Lamond swims, cycles and runs against the tide in Glasgow, and holds down a job in advanced idea mechanics; http://is.gd/hpwB.

February 14:

He kicks his shoes off the cliff: “Good riddance—not planning to land. Ever.” His new design wings gleam in the sun, as his stomach grumbles…

[Bio] Grant Stone lives in New Zealand. Which is handy, since that’s where all his stuff is. http://d1sc0r0b0t.blogspot.com/ .

February 21:

The shoes’ nanoturbines charge up all my gear as I walk.

Nice. How much?

Free, as in beer: you donate excess electricity back into the grid.

[Bio] Tony Noland is @TheFunGuy. He writes fiction and non-fiction in Philadelphia. Follow his writing blog at http://is.gd/eK5R.

February 28:

I’ve got you under my skin, said the blues singer. And the nanochip that watched over her replied: here’s looking at you, kid.

[Bio] Fabio Fernandes is a writer, reviewer, and editor. Keeps the blog Post-Weird Thoughts (http://is.gd/ijfY). Just sold his first story.

January @outshine prose poems—humourous

January 18:

The robots won

Our graves were dug

But yesterday

I found the plug.

[Bio] Amanda Davis lives in Pittsburgh despite the zombie threat. She blogs about media, her breakfast, and weird news at http://is.gd/fync

January 25:

At 101, I’d just begun

though life grew sadder and sadder

At 109, I feel just fine

with my new electronic bladder!

[Bio] Tony Noland writes fiction and non-fiction in Philadelphia. He’s a lot funnier in person. His blog, such as it is:  http://is.gd/eK5R 

January 31:

Scientists cheer. People scream. The stars spell out, “Mars needs women”. The aliens have arrived, and they brought chocolate!

[Bio] BJ Muntain: Canadian SF writer, blogger, and linguistics enthusiast. http://pointsonstyle.blogspot.com/ .