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August @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

July 29 (OK, not August: I screwed up):

The surgeon embeds artificial nerves in her prosthetic hand. She can feel a handshake, a fire burning, the color of rain.

[Bio] Carma has been reading/writing science fiction & fantasy for (mumble, mumble) years. Her writing group’s website: breakthruwriting.com .

August 5:

The moon rises, white and full. I stand by the red tomatoes on top of our home and wave. Mom promised to look down.

[Bio] Brenda is a futurist, writer, and tech geek from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. www.brenda-cooper.com.

August 12:

The Lunarcade! For shiny full-moon quarters you remote-drive lunar rovers. Can you master 1.28 second delay? Tag lunar ore, get high score.

[Bio] Chris Willrich is a writer and children’s librarian, and lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

August 19:

Google.gov pleased to proclaim: ads on cyber cash so successful taxes repealed; find new product placement opportunities on virtual bills!

[Bio] Crass, evil marketer by day, Jason Stoddard still sees the beautiful roadsigns of tomorrow. http://www.strangeandhappy.com .

August 26:

Thirty storeys down, the city bustled. Thirty thousand feet up, the
wind farms bucked and swooped. Between them, Tom smiled and ate lunch.

[Bio] Alasdair Stuart is a writer, journalist and host of the podcast Pseudopod. He can be found online at: http://tinyurl.com/nyd8rp .

July @outshine prose poems—humourous

July 4:

“How far does it go?” she asked as we fell through the subspace burrow. I shrugged apologetically: “Theoretically, forever.”

[Bio] Gareth’s stories have appeared in 20 mags and 10 languages. He drinks lots of tea. http://www.garethdjones.co.uk/ .

July 11:

They called Bill crazy for downloading his consciousness into a video game, but he wanted to spend more time with his kids.

[Bio] If you can catch Matthew Sanborn Smith early enough in the day, he smells rather nice. http://is.gd/ov1z .

July 18:

For three months, my android’s gone to school for me, dated my girlfriend and done my chores. Nobody’s noticed. Now to make my sister’s.

[Bio] @ficklefiction is actually @fickledeity. Just your average Sri Lankan girl with dreams of changing the world for the better.

July 25:

The sun is bright

the air is free

the Martian men

don’t bother me.

The soil is red

the sky is wide

I’m proud to be

a Martian bride.

[Bio] Amanda Davis is a Pittsburgh engineer with a green thumb and a taste for horror movies. She blogs at http://tinyurl.com/ddvpvj .

July @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

July 1:

Victory: I did it. The vaccine that will prevent AIDS. No one will ever have to watch someone die like that. Like Marie. My Marie. Like me.

[Bio] Mark Best has had short fiction published in various genres. Complete list at http://is.gd/1kQji .

July 8:

So brave, so nervous. Both of them. Hand in hand, no gloves and no special suits. An unlocked hatch, a step outside. Truth: Earth survided.

[Bio] Jacques Barcia is a weird fiction writer from Brazil who’s waiting for the climate to change back to normal. www.verbeat.org/blogs/pwt.

July 15:

A woman grafts a miniature, nano-engineered breed of fruit trees to people’s skin. Orchards travel the world and seed onto garbage heaps.

[Bio] Alex Dally MacFarlane (http://is.gd/uIUg) wants a cheek-tree. Find her work in LCRW, Electric Velocipede and, soon, Clarkesworld.

July 22:

An accident, the combine ate the farmer’s arm. An invention, the pharm’s bio-lattice grew him another. Come harvest, the farmer gave thanks.

[Bio] William T. Vandemark chases storms, photographs weather vanes, and writes speculative fiction. http://www.williamtvandemark.com .

July 29:

The surgeon embeds artificial nerves in her prosthetic hand. She can feel a handshake, a fire burning, the color of rain.

[Bio] Carma has been reading/writing science fiction & fantasy for (mumble, mumble) years. Her writing group’s website: breakthruwriting.com .

June @outshine prose poems—humourous

June 7:

A cryogenics capsule malfunctioned. The body was crammed into another’s tank. An icy embrace, the couple was together again.

[Bio] Peter Keller is a hemophiliac on the cutting edge of twitterfiction. http://twitter.com/wordshiv .

June 14:

Single 500 yr old Martian seeks Single Earth Female 18-32, for alien abduction and impregnation roleplay. No cold or flu carriers.

[Bio] Paula R. Stiles, at: http://is.gd/kLAu, has sold SF, fantasy and horror stories to Strange Horizons, Jim Baen’s, Futures and others.

June 21:

Dad’s alive again — simulated from memories fed into a machine. He’s happy: 404 errors are rare and he can claim he’s younger than me.

[Bio] Aaron is currently traveling the world and writing on planes, trains and buses. He’s forgotten that he ever lived any other way.

June 28:

Blasted alien technology! Mary sighed and prepared for a day of déjà vu, after accidentally setting her new alarm clock to yesterday.

[Bio] Bio Deborah Walker can often be found in the British Museum nicking ideas from ancient cultures.

June @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

June 3:

Met bureau reports: blue skies are gonna cheer us

rain in catchment areas


they’re doing something about the weather.

[Bio] Amanda is a Melbourne-based writer and poet. She is a graduate/survivor of Clarion South 2009. Website http://amandale.net .

June 10:

Silent, drafted blind worms burrow

Decomposing, circles closing

Garbage eating, circles meeting

Biocrafted Ouroboros.

[Bio] Rajan Khanna writes about beer and wine in addition to fiction. You can follow him @rajanyk or http://www.rajankhanna.com .

June 17:

She spoke for the first time. Roses fell from her lips. Pearls. Her body turned into luminescence and butterflies. It surprised no one.

[Bio] Mercedes M. Yardley loves beautiful things: www.abrokenlaptop.wordpress.com .

June 24:

Footfalls, sunlight, waves, wind, and heat—we used it all. But it wasn’t until we used life itself that balance returned to the planet.

[Bio] Ben White doesn’t have enough hours in the day, not even close: http://www.benwhite.com/.

May @outshine prose poems—humourous

May 2:

A monk, a clone, and a telepath walk into a bar. Which one cries, “I have a question for my maker”? Which one replies, “Yes, my son”?

[Bio] Greg Beatty (http://gregbeatty.net) lives in Washington with his wife Kathy, where the biggest challenge is staying dry.

May 9:

“You’re good as new,” Dr. said,

“I installed a new emotion processor

so you won’t have to worry about another

murderous psycho snap.”

[Bio] Andrew Hilbert lives and works in Orange County, CA. He regularly contributes to newversenews.com .

May 16:

Gloria painted the space ark purple, hung dice below the mirror. We watched the world old fall away. That’s some sick transit, Gloria Mundy. 

[Bio] Grant Stone lives in New Zealand. Which is handy, since that’s where all his stuff is. http://d1sc0r0b0t.blogspot.com/ .

May 23:

“Your great-grandfather bought one of the very first hybrid cars.”


“Because he wanted to conserve gasoline.”

“What’s gasoline?”

[Bio] Tony Noland writes fiction and non-fiction in Philadelphia. Follow @TonyNoland on Twitter and at his writing blog: http://is.gd/eK5R .

May 30:

“Icecream!” , I scream,

as I rush to take a bite.

Brother laughs: dad’s making

a new planet and the pink

snow has been just delivered.

[Bio] Sebastián Lalaurette, journalist, writer, editor, thing. http://tinyurl.com/lalaurette.

May @outshine prose poems—inspiring

May 6:

Lament of the Amoeboid Eremite: Quivering prophase

—Such lust cleaves our devotion!—

My mitotic sin..

[Bio] Nancy Chenier switches continents at random. In Japan now, but more permanence can be found at http://is.gd/jhTp .

May 13:

The enzymes dissolve the bark of my memories. I marvel at the clean, pale wood of my mind. I am born again.

[Bio] Deborah Walker can often be found in the British Museum, nicking ideas from ancient cultures .

May 20:

WhiteI emancipated my robot when she told an elaborate lie. I realized then, that she’d developed a mind’s eye.

[Bio] Ken Edgett is a Mars geologist and author. See: http://www.msss.com/biographies/edgett/ .

May 27:

Surgeon airships, new angels, visit lonely clearings and conjure health from chaos, creating smiles from pain—the alchemy of medicine.

[Bio] Ben White: Medical student & sometimes writer, basking in the near constant warmth of San Antonio, TX and online @ http://is.gd/HCFL.

April @outshine prose poems—humourous

April 4:

At 97, Grandma got a time machine and started meeting her descendants. Last I heard, she had hugged twenty generations and was still going.

[Bio] Amanda Davis denies everything but regrets nothing. She blogs at http://tinyurl.com/ddvpvj .

April 11:

We shrugged Atlas off our backs early in the tech spike. Disappointedly, nothing much changed, except, well, all the bag ladies disappeared.

[Bio] meika lives in Tasmania and no longer writes for humans. twitter.com/meika .

April 18:

One night at the nude colony,
The moon rose celestially.
With no clothes to stifle
I transformed in a trifle
To eat snacks, packaging-free

[Bio] Writer-mommy-doctor who loves artists & underdogs: melissayuaninnes.net .

April 25:

“I told you it had some design flaws,” Audrey sighed as the city turned upside down and sank, shining, car horns blaring, into the sea.

[Bio] Paula R. Stiles, at: http://is.gd/kLAu, has sold SF, fantasy and horror stories to Strange Horizons, Jim Baen’s, Futures and others.

April @outshine prose poems—inspiring

April 1:

Above the rioters’ ruinous flames, a holoPhoenix shone. Hope rose like Holy Fire. The Rocking Raven Brigade beat chaos and despair.

[Bio] MD,writer, co-editor in French SF mag GALAXIES. Spends too much time dreaming and her house is always a mess. http://is.gd/gdmv .

April 8:

My avatars, luminous with data, press close, keen. A tap: we skim the zombie bots, dodge in, & deploy anti-viral mines; undead dust cloud.

[Bio] Maura McHugh lives in South Galway, Ireland, writes weird, loves technology, but loathes zombie botnets. http://splinister.com .

April 15:

Dancer divine

Tripping the rift

of dimensions

of distant days

brimming with light

She steps on stars

and drops to earth

and dances dreams.

[Bio] Ash M.B. has a B.A. in English, is a professional Polynesian dancer, a kung fu fighter, and writer. http://twitter.com/homeofleia .

April 22:

A pastel blue bloom, close enough to cup in my hands. The quiet white petals I remember; vivid leaves. Home is near; as are you, at last.

[Bio] Stephanie Campisi is a writer of the weird and wonderful. Find her at www.stephaniecampisi.com.

April 29:

Were people really so – alone, granpa?

disbelief in her deep brown eyes

Yes, dear, said I

Old friends laughing in the back of my mind.

[Bio] David Heijl lives in Belgium; juggles children, day job and night-time writerly ambitions but hasn’t dropped anything so far.

March @outshine prose poems—humourous

March 7:

Rusty tracks mark the path of her tears. He wipes her cheeks with an oil-damp cloth. Penance for making her cry.

[Bio] Rhonda loves to write. She can be found at http://www.rhondaparrish.com .

March 14:


“—over there!”

             He said, “Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it the teleporter works. Look for me—”

[Bio]Greg Beatty (http://gregbeatty.net) lives in Washington with his wife Kathy, where the biggest challenge is staying dry.

March 21:

Kierkegaard reversed: consequence (1/3) An abstract trilogy, can be read independently

Living forwards with bigger memories—the past became too hard to understand, and so we opened out ourselves—in tomorrows of present purpose.

A suicide explodes, but this time the free world gave way to the open world.

Our future distributed the past among our presents openly, and enough for everyone, even for those longing to perfect the world.

[Bio] Meika lives in Tasmania and no longer writes for humans. twitter.com/meika .

March 28:

Chimay beer sales are on the rise
As drinkers get more eloquent and wise
Trappist monks feign surprise
With an enigmatic glint in their eyes

[Bio] Eva Chapman. UK. Aspiring Boho & rock chick, optimistic re future; writes about that and healing the past; check me out @evitchka http://is.gd/fLAx.