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January 2010 @outshine Prose Poems—Inspiring

January 6:

Powered by the sun, they built themselves from scattered trash. They traveled the world, sending pictures and love, cleaning as they went.

[Bio] @kaolinfire has more for you to read: and: .

January 13:

Frantic, Lea pushes the implant in her wrist, flushing her body with calm. Anxiety and anger melt away. Just another day in traffic.

[Bio] Lesley Conner is a stay-at-home mum and horror writer. Check out her short stories in Abaculus II and Abaculus III.

January 20:

“Nothing to lose, but so much to gain; she lifts her head proudly. With all her heart she can only hope to achieve.”

[Bio] Raisah Ali is a high school student who aspires to aim for the moon so in case she misses, she’ll still be among the stars.

January 27:

A Bowie-fan’s words
On disturbing the red dust
There’s life on Mars now.

[Bio] David Moore: 34, Australian émigré, editor, writer, geek. Married, lives in Reading, UK. You’re glad you met him.

December @outshine Prose Poems—humourous

December 5:

Sick of my ZiPod bleating
with all its texts and tweeting
I spin wild and free
On the windmills by the sea.

[Bio] Eva Chapman loves to have fun. .

December 12:

When AI was incorporated into the surveillance cameras, they became more interested in watching each other. They left the rest of us alone.

[Bio] Jonathan Pinnock ( @jonpinnock, ) is. For the time being, at any rate.

December 19:

Alas! Mine heart doth beateth no more.
Yea, I liveth on, thy grateful cyborg.

[Bio] Beth Katte @bethblackbird fancies futuristic antiquities. .

December 26:

While Owen’s back was turned, Zoe clicked the ArouzalCard into the port behind her left ear. Why wouldn’t I be in the mood tonight, my love?

[Bio] Bobbie Laughman lives, writes and feigns normalcy in Gettysburg, PA .

December @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

December 2:

The jay didn’t smile as he stole the seed.
The woman didn’t perceive his grief until she had cast the stone.
Her regret would heal the rift.

[Bio] Jodi: I don’t know who she is except lost in her thoughts and found in her writing.

December 9:

He became an artist, sculpting electron shells into elements across the periodic table, converting concrete suburbs to jeweled dreamscapes.

[Bio] @MattAlbertson is a Seattle geek who enjoys splicing his fiction with cutting edge technology. .

December 16:

Over his brutish shoulder I got a glimpse of her tortured face as he hauled Liberty into the darkness. “I’ll be back,” she mouthed to me.

[Bio] Susan is a freelance writer and children’s playwright from upstate New York.

December 23:

quaking aspen:
myriad blinking eyes
witness the dawn

[Bio] When she’s not chasing her kids or writing about science, Julie Bloss Kelsey enjoys staring at trees. Visit her online @MamaJoules .

December 30:

Taking recycled cargo boxes through clouds
up the well-worn space elevator’s heights
foam swords, deodorant, and I grow warm.

[Bio] K.M. Praschak writes & sometimes looks up at .

November @outshine prose poems—humourus

November 7:

It was spring and his basement was drying up. Last night, just two feet of water on the floor. A man can’t even stay wet in his own home…

[Bio] Marlo Dianne is a writer/artist of more than fifty published works. This wondergeek is found @

November 14:

I’d never felt so close to a pet, never felt the need to boast about a pet, and I’m not even fully dilated yet… can you see her head?

[Bio] Engineerish writer lost near Austin.

November 21:

News from CERN: smallest subatomic particles found, massless, information only. + & –: binary code. Neat. I yawned, returned to my Sims game

[Bio] William Clunie can be read at

November 28:

Starship Magellan to Mission Control on Pluto: If angels are in the architecture, how do we get this one out of our FTL drive?

[Bio] Paula R. Stiles, at:, has sold SF, fantasy and horror stories to Strange Horizons, Jim Baen’s, Futures and others.

November @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

November 4:

The immigrants come, weary, uncertain of their welcome
people make room for them
the immigrants’ culture infuses their own with new spice.

[Bio] Daniel Ausema’s a stay-at-home dad whose stories and poems have appeared in many places. Find him at .

November 11:

She wakes to the gentle vibration of the roof changing angle to catch the sun, to the smell of hands-free cappuccino, to a doable Monday.

[Bio] Ben White edits @nanoism and writes @midnightstories.

November 18:

Avatar children gliding like thistle in the electron sky. A garden replenished by their light hands.

[Bio] Deborah Walker thinks: least said, soonest mended.

November 25:

Don Quixote settled beside me on the verdant green and stared down the turbines: powerful, energetic. “Even giants are good for something.”

[Bio] J. inputs data by day and rocks AbiWord by night. She digs linguistics, design, and illustration. Mailto here: .

October @outshine prose poems—humourous

October 3:

It’s 2034: Brian’s nanocure, immortality, and ecosystem resurrection stories keep getting rejected from Asimov’s for lacking SFnal elements.

[Bio] Jen Waverly wants an ecosystem resurrector, and posts about pub trivia, marriage rights, and books here .

October 10:

The Martians came.
Reviled by germs,
they left the world
on talking terms.
A Christmas card
from Leader Zirth?
At least it did-
n’t cost the Earth!

[Bio] I’m 40, married and live in Plymouth, England. Writing is my main hobby. Quite a number of my poems/stories have been published.

October 17:

Engine’s protesting, sir. Says it wants a pony. Shall I tell the passengers to wait, or…?

[Bio] Carolyn Elizabeth Lamb can fold into a portable cube, for your convenience.

October 24:

It’s a strange week when you’re thinking, ‘trenchcoats or atomic insects? Wait, is that trenchcoats ON atomic insects?’ I love my job.

[Bio] Marlo Dianne is a writer/artist of more than fifty published works. This wondergeek is found @ .

October 31:

The climbing guide could tell Harper’s arm was flagging. The whisper at camp was: could he pull it off and grow a good one by morning?

[Bio] @jeremylewit enjoys the conceit that his focus problem is early-onset time travel. .

October @outshine prose poems—Inspiring

October 7:

People-faces are scary, but eKitty is simple, safe. Joe pets it and giggles. Stroking him back via the remote, his mother meows with joy.

[Bio] Finale believes happiness is a choice.

October 14:

Trillions of nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, each pairing off with a brain cell. They perform a truly modern dance—science.

[Bio] @MattAlbertson is a Seattle geek who enjoys splicing his fiction with cutting edge technology. .

October 21:

Optimized and burned clean,
our nightmares you learn.
Holograms able to love
are your successors.

~The Cosmist Worm

[Bio] James Dye — @JamesJDye — is a writer and college student from Dubuque Iowa.

October 28:

dry earth holds wee tracks
lightly they imprint the earth
quail, raccoon, skunk, thrush.

[Bio] Jodi: I don’t know who she is except lost in her thoughts and found in her writing.